The Portal connecting Dublin and New York City: What is it, where is it and how does it work?

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Imagine standing on the busy streets of Dublin, looking through a window that instantly connects you over 5,000km away to the heart of New York City. This vision is now a reality thanks to ‘The Portal,’ a 24/7 real-time visual window that bridges Dublin and New York. 

This unique art installation enables people in both cities to interact as if they were together in one place, exemplifying the fusion of art and technology.

In this blog, the team at The Temple Bar Pub are excited to take you through the ins and outs of our city’s newest attraction, The Portal!

What is The Dublin – New York Portal?

The Dublin to New York Portal is an innovative art project designed to unite people from these two vibrant cities. It consists of two sculptures, each equipped with a visual unfiltered livestream of the other city, allowing real-time interaction between citizens and visitors. 

The Portal not only facilitates a virtual meeting space across continents but also celebrates the long-shared history and cultural ties between Dublin and New York. It is the result of a collaboration among artists and technology experts from both countries, crafted to provide an immersive experience.

Where is The Portal located?

The Dublin installation of The Portal is situated on O’Connell Street, offering views of the historic GPO building and the Dublin Spire. In New York, the Portal stands in the Flatiron South Public Plaza, a prime location surrounded by landmarks like Broadway and the Flatiron Building. 

These installations will remain active until autumn 2024, featuring various cultural events that will be shared via livestream, including a special program during New York Design Week Festival starting in mid-May.


How does The Portal work?

Acting as a ‘magic window,’ The Portal connects Dublin and New York with a continuous live video stream that captures the daily life and special events from each city. This interactive experience is available to the public for free, making it accessible for everyone. Just walk up to the sculpture and start exploring! Whether you’re curious about life in another city, make a plan to see a long-distance friend on the other side, or simply want to experience something different

The installation uses state-of-the-art visual equipment and high-speed internet, ensuring a seamless connection. While the installation offers only visuals, visitors are very creative in their communication, creating signs with messages to their neighbours across the pond.

Cultural Impact of The Portal

The Portal serves as a bridge that not only links two cities but also melds diverse cultures and communities. It has become a symbol of international collaboration and a reminder of the importance of global connectivity. The installation has positively impacted both cities by fostering unique interactions and shared experiences.

We invite everyone visiting the Dublin Portal to also stop by The Temple Bar Pub, just a 10-minute walk away, for some refreshments after your immersive sightseeing.

Thank you for exploring ‘The Portal Connecting Dublin and New York City’ with us. We look forward to welcoming you at The Temple Bar Pub soon! To keep up to date on all things Portal following them across their social medias.