A very sincere and heartfelt welcome to the authentic home of Irish cultural heritage! Since 1840 this quintessential Dublin pub has dispensed renowned hospitality and traditions of excellence to generations of Dubliners and visitors alike.

key dates

  • Est 1840
    Temple Bar Pub license issued
  • 1880
    P. J. Hartnett became the new owner
  • 1894
    The property was sold to Patrick and Bridget Ramsbottom
  • 1961
    William Flannery became the new owner of The Temple Bar
  • 1992
    Tom Cleary acquires the Temple Bar Pub
  • 2005
    Began maturing Temple Bar Whiskey range in our cellars
  • 2011
    Guinness World Record for longest marathon playing guitar set by David Browne at Temple Bar: 114 hours 6 minutes 30 seconds

Temple Bar Pub Today

Today The Temple Bar is famous across the globe for its traditional ambiance, unrivaled vitality and craic, and for our celebrated charm and conviviality.

We have become the established home of traditional Irish music in Dublin; the pub with the largest collection of whiskies in Ireland and the pub with the largest selection of pub sandwiches anywhere in the world.

But what we do best is to ensure your visit to The Temple Bar is the best pub experience you will ever remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Temple Bar Pub famous?

The Temple Bar Pub is a proud family-owned pub in the heart of Dublin City. It’s famous for its unrivaled craic & service, incredible traditional Irish Music all day everyday and its vast whiskey and beer collections.

How old is the Temple Bar Pub?

The Temple Bar Pubs current license can be traced back to 1840, though there was am even older license tied to the same building.

Why is it called Temple Bar?

Please see our story section for history about the Temple Bar.

Is Temple Bar an area or a pub?

The Temple Bar is both a historic area in Dublin city and our world famous Pub.