How to Prepare for Irish Weather

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Irish weather can be a bit unpredictable. In fact, you could say the only predictable thing about it is its unpredictability. There’s plenty of rain, of course, making the landscape green and lush and giving truth to the name Emerald Isle. But don’t think we’re total strangers to the sun. Glorious sunshine and clear blue skies bless Ireland too.

So how do you prepare? Comprehensively might be a good way to describe it.

Layer Up

Instead of one thick jumper, have a lighter one over a T-shirt or shirt. Try and make your base layer one made from moisture-wicking fabric as this will help you stay cool and dry when it suddenly gets warm on an otherwise chilly day. Insulating layers comprising wool or fleece are also good. Wool is special as water will sit on the surface if you don’t press or squeeze it into the fibers. A woolly hat or sweater won’t keep you totally dry, so also have a water and windproof jacket and maybe a sturdy umbrella. Make it like an onion, peeling off or leaving on layers depending on the weather of the moment.

Look After Your Feet

Hikers know best about looking after their feet and keeping them dry with waterproof boots and shoes. But us townies need them too because puddles are a thing and, when you’re visiting a new city, you can cover many miles just seeing all the sights. There’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet so invest in some good footwear if you’re touring Ireland.

Be a Weather Watcher

The weather app on your phone can be your best friend for keeping an eye on the local forecasts. You can also check the Ireland weather forecast from Met Eireann, Ireland’s national meteorological service. Knowing in advance can help with itinerary planning, but also give you advance warning if you need to switch your calendar around for certain activities.

Umbrellas and Sunglasses

It might sound a bit ‘belt and braces’ but honestly, you’ll be glad of both. The sun can be quite strong when it graces us, so sunscreen, sunglasses or shade-giving hats will keep you comfortable. And don’t forget the brolly. Just because there’s not a cloud in the sky in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t bucket down after lunch.

Good Wind Resistant Gear

Especially if you’re hiking along the many gorgeous coastal regions, you’ll be glad of some wind protection. The west coast tends to be windier than the east, and while tornadoes or gales are quite rare, coastal winds can be pretty strong and chilly.

Have a Plan B

Weather apps and forecasts can help you keep your activities weather-appropriate, but it’s always good to have a backup plan just in case. Head into the city and visit museums, cultural venues, pubs, and restaurants when it isn’t fit to be out – be it blazing sun or torrential rain. The Temple Bar Pub in Dublin is open all day and you’re welcome no matter how soggy your feet or bedraggled your hair. We’ll fortify you with good food and drink, and music to lift the dampest spirits.

So, if you’re coming to Ireland pack a bit of everything in your suitcase and remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.