What Makes The Temple Bar Pub the Most Famous Pub in Dublin?


famous pub in dublin

If you know Ireland, you know Dublin. If you know Dublin, you know Temple Bar. And if you know Temple Bar, you know The Temple Bar Pub. Ask anyone.

But what is it that makes us so famous, apart from the fact we’ve been here forever?

Could it be the Food?

It might be. Whatever you fancy, chances are we can serve you something special. From gourmet open sandwiches and triple-deckers to fresh Galway oysters or delicious smoked salmon, we certainly know how to tickle taste buds.

You don’t have to book, in fact you can’t. Just turn up and enjoy the menu whether you’re looking for something special or a tasty snack to set you up for the rest of the day.

Could it be the Music?

You might be onto something there. The stage is rarely empty, and the diary is always full. The Temple Bar Pub is famed throughout Dublin for its lively, traditional Irish music scene.

There are lots of special events throughout the year in Ireland, and The Temple Bar Pub is always front and centre when there’s a celebration to be had.  We’re not successive winners of the ‘Traditional Irish Music Pub of the Year’ award for nothing. It’s the place to be for an authentic taste of the trad Irish music scene. 

But don’t take our word for it – come along for yourself and see if we’re right.

Maybe it’s the Whiskey!

Ah, now you’re talking. You probably already know we have Ireland’s largest whiskey collection. Of course, there’s Irish, but there’s also Scotch, Japanese, and Bourbon – in fact we’ve well over 300 different whiskeys in the collection.

Not sure it’s your tipple? Maybe take a different look with our expert guide to tasting whiskey and let us know if we’ve converted you. In The Temple Bar Pub, Whiskey’s not just a drink, it’s a serious art form!

Or then again, the Guinness?

No self-respecting Irish pub is without its Guinness, and no self-respecting pub visitor isn’t going to leave without giving it a try, at least once. 

It’s a firm favourite in The Temple Bar Pub and for good reason. We know exactly what goes into pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, so you get the vital mix of bittersweet creaminess and liquid. Very moreish at any time of the day. 

Or is it the Atmosphere and Irish Welcome?

Of course, to be honest it’s probably a mixture of all the above that makes The Temple Bar Pub the most famous pub in Dublin. 

The menu, the drinks, and the music, all served up with a wholesome dollop of good Irish hospitality are what keeps us well-established on the map of the most important places to visit in Dublin. 

Rub shoulders with the locals, meet old friends and make new ones, laugh, live, and put the world to rights, all over a pint of the good stuff and the rhythm of a rousing Irish reel.

When you’re in The Temple Bar area, you can’t miss The Temple Bar Pub; we’re on the corner in bright red livery right at the heart of the action, and our doors are open with a hearty Irish welcome.