The Oysters and Guinness Dublin Experience


The Oysters and Guinness Dublin Experience

If you love seafood, and oysters in particular, we’ve got a treat for you at The Temple Bar Pub.

Visitors and locals head to the Temple Bar region in Dublin for lots of different reasons, some more famous than others. The oysters and Guinness Dublin experience might be one of the less well known unless you’re an oyster fan or you’ve done your homework. 

Where Oysters Come From

Our oysters come, naturally, from Galway Bay, considered the home of Irish native oysters, both farmed (also known as Pacific oysters) and wild. 

There’s even an oyster festival to celebrate this international delicacy. It kicks off on 22nd September this year (2023), with the World Oyster Opening Championship happening on the 23rd. There’s usually plenty of fun and music around this and all the festival events, where champion oyster shuckers from around the world compete to see who can open oysters the fastest.

If you’re over for the festival, Dublin is a relatively easy distance to cover for a day trip. At the Temple Bar Pub, we have our own expert oyster shucker to do the tricky bit for you, so don’t worry about that. 

Oysters Are Good for You!

We’re not saying anything about their supposed aphrodisiac effects – you’ll have to try them for yourself to find out about that. It might be the zinc, of course. Oysters contain around 50 times more zinc than chicken and are used to produce testosterone, among other things, so who knows? 

Aside from that, they’re full of Vitamin B12 and D, copper, and iron. They’re also a rich source of Omega-3, which the body needs but can’t produce by itself.

How to Enjoy Oysters

There are lots of different ways to enjoy oysters, but in The Temple Bar Pub we like to keep things pure and simple. For an authentic oysters and Guinness Dublin experience we recommend a couple of drops of Tabasco and a little squeeze of fresh lemon. Wash it down with an expertly pulled pint of Guinness.

If you want to go a bit more exotic you could try our champagne and oysters, or white wine and oysters. Both are on the menu.

Whichever way you prefer your oysters, you can be sure they’re fresh Native Irish stock, delivered daily. 

Oyster Fun Facts

  • Oysters can change their sex.
  • They can live for over 20 years.
  • Oysters have been with us a long time – Neolithic people enjoyed them but they’ve been around for millions of years.
  • Roman emperors imported oysters from Britain and paid by their weight in gold.
  • Ancient Greeks served them in wine and voted in ballots using their shells.

Whether you’re an oyster novice or these tasty morsels are a regular part of your gastronomic enjoyment, we look forward to serving you with an oyster platter next time you’re in. 

We get through around 500 oysters each week, so we must be doing something right.