A Rainbow of Irish Cocktails to Try at The Temple Bar Pub


As well as tasting fabulous and being the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, Irish cocktails are sure to bring some rainbow joy into your life. Here’s a quick tour around some of our kaleidoscopically colourful cocktails that’ll brighten any hour of any day.

The Leprechaun

Fancy going green? These days, who doesn’t, but there’s a lovely little Leprechaun that’ll bring a whole new value of green into your life. A careful blend of Midori with Pineapple, Orange and Lime juices creates a mischievous- looking glass of deliciousness.

Whiskey Sour

Maybe a glimmer of gold is more to your liking? If you want the Midas touch, try a Whiskey Sour with its deep, rich gilded colour. This classic cocktail combines The Temple Bar Whiskey with Egg White, Lemon and Lime juice, Sugar Syrup and, of course, the essential dash of Bitters. It’s a golden glow you can feel all the way down.

Irish Mint

Another trip down green lane, The Temple Bar Whiskey combines perfectly with Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup and Mint Stalk for a delightful and refreshing tipple. You may well decide that one is never quite enough!

The Temple Bar Old Fashioned

You can never have too much gold, although maybe The Temple Bar Old Fashioned is more on the orange side. However you see it, our special twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail combines The Temple Bar Whiskey with Bitters and Sugar Syrup then tops it off with Orange Peel. No rainbow is complete without a dash of orange, and nobody wants just half a rainbow.

Irish Sea

Don’t feel blue, drink it instead, filling your soul with a splash of Irish Sea wonder. The special mix of Premium Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lemon, Sugar, Lemonade, and an Orange Wheel on the side will make a touch of the blues something you yearn for.

Pink Gin Lady

If a rainbow could choose its own colours, it would want a bit of pink. This gorgeous cocktail tastes as good as it looks, mixing Pink Gin with Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Egg White, and Sugar. There’s every reason to include a touch of playfulness in your life, especially when it’s wrapped around a serious punch in a pretty glass.

Our expert cocktail mixers at The Temple Bar Pub stand ready to create any of these magical concoctions for you. Or if you’re after something not listed here, there are more to choose from in our cocktail range. Whatever you prefer from the rainbow spectrum, we’ve got the perfect mix to colour you happy.