The Temple Bar Pub at Christmas and New Years!

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As you approach the Temple Bar Pub for Christmas, your senses are already tingling. 

Pause a moment on the cobbles outside and feel a fizzle of excitement. The tree is up and will be there through January, a beacon of joy for the darkest of nights. 

A Very Warm Welcome

Remember that Christmas Eve feeling as a kid? When you’re just so full of magic and anticipation it feels like you’ll burst? That’s what we aim for every day over the festive period. We want you to feel the warmth in the atmosphere and the joy of the season. 

After a long day’s shopping in the freezing cold or the damp drizzle, what could be better than a hot drink to restore your energy? Our Irish coffees are world famous and award winning. Laced with a dram of Temple Bar Signature Blend Irish Whiskey, this special coffee will soon have you feeling warm and cosy again.

And if you don’t fancy whiskey, how about a Bailey’s coffee? Not today? That’s fine, we also do hot ports and rums.

The bar is very well stocked, so there’s definitely something here to pique your Christmas spirits.

A Musical Merry Christmas

All through December we host a series of live music events from talented artists who know how to bring a crowd together.  From 10.30 every morning right through until 1am, the stage is busy with a rousing and entertaining performance.

Before you know it, your feet are tapping and your hands are clapping as the festive atmosphere wraps around you. 

Fancy a little preview from previous celebrations? You can whet your appetite here.

A Feast for a King

Drinks and music are two corners of the Christmas triangle. Not to mix too many metaphors, but our mouth-watering Christmas fayre squares the circle.

You don’t always want a full meal, but you definitely do want something special at Christmas. So, we created the Famous Irish Christmas Classic Sandwich. Voted Best Christmas Sandwich in 2018, you know it’s going to be good.

And it is. 

Imagine Irish roast chicken, honey glazed Irish ham and brie, with onion stuffing and cranberry sauce all layered inside delicious sourdough bread. That first bite is a mic drop moment.

So don’t linger outside too long as it’s all waiting within. Step over the threshold and join us. With over 500 individual decorations overhead, the whole pub literally sparkles. 

The only thing missing is you, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.