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Bushmills Millenium Malt


This precious whiskey was originally laid down back in 1975 in bourbon casks with an eye on the millennium. Private investors were invited to purchase entire casks of the stuff long before it was bottled. What resulted is the longest aged Bushmills whiskey available. It has matured very well. Each cask was bottled unfiltered and taken down to 43% abv, with the label bearing the name of the cask owner, or whatever else they wanted to put on it... The whiskey was never intended to be released for general sale, but they do come up occasionally when cask owners approach us, struggling to consume their 200+ bottle allocation on their own. Each cask will differ slightly in terms of flavour but the general consensus is that they are very good whiskeys. There is no age statement on the bottles, but they're just about all 24 years old.