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Knappogue Castle 1951 Pure Pot Still

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The 1951 Knappogue Castle now has a legendary status amongst Irish whiskeys. The old Tullamore Distillery closed permanently in 1954 yet some casks were liberated by various entrepreneurs for maturation. Mark Edwin Andrews was one of these people having returned to the land of his ancestors from America to live in Knappogue Castle in County Clare. He managed to source a number of casks from different vintages, most of these were given away as gifts or were used for personal consumption. After 36 years in casks he released the 1951 commercially in 1987. To this day the 1951 vintage of Knappogue Castle is still regarded as one of the finest whiskeys ever made, it is by no means perfect but its imperfections are what makes it so interesting! Old whiskeys can be an acquired taste and are not for everyone, expect to find lots of oak and spice flavours with this.